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Residency -
Orchards County
Middle School

West Sussex Family of Schools Sculpture Project'.

Residency  - Orchards County Middle School. Worthing.

May 1997.


A five day project working with Year 5 pupils at Orchards County Middle School, Goring–by –Sea, Worthing to develop their ability with and understanding of resistant materials and three dimensional work. The programme,  'part of the West Sussex Family of Schools Sculpture Project,' drew inspiration from the local environment – the shoreline, and, through a range of materials including different gauges of wire, the children explored the notion of drawing in two and three dimensions. The work was supported by looking at drawing in different cultures - children studied Australian Aboriginal bark paintings and rock engravings. exploring the way different cultures have recorded and responded to their environments. The project concluded with a series of three dimensional wire drawings suspended, ‘floating and swimming’, through the school library.

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