Felix Warley  

Felix Warley Commission

Felix Warley Commission

Felix Warley Commission - Sally Williams DesignLSM.  Amanda Bright - Metalsmith. 

Felix Warley, Warley, Essex. UK.



Metalsmith Amanda Bright and Steven Follen were commissioned by DesignLSM to produce a series of woven wire globes, components within a larger suspended entrance feature which formed part of DLSM's designs for Felix, Warley, a seafood restaurant in Warley Essex, UK. 


In keeping with the overal design theme of the sea, the 27 globes had visual references to swarms of jellyfish, fishing nets and rising air bubbles.  


Made from galvanised wire using an ancient Peruvian knitting technique called 'spang' the globes incorporated a gilded fitting at the top and ranged in size from 100mm up to 300mm diameter. The pieces were suspended on stainless steel micro wires.


Images: Designlsm, Amanda Bright, Sally Williams and Steven Follen.

Sally Williams: www.yellowwrendesign.com

Amanda Bright: www.amandabright.co.uk

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Reviews & Articles

An article about the Felix Warley piece was published in Dexigner.com March 2019:


Felix Warley Commission