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Site Specific Work  

Fabrica Brighton 

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'Domain'.  Site specific installations by Keiko Mukaide and Steven Follen in a de-consecrated church in central Brighton. Commissioned as part of the Brighton Festival. Fabrica. 1999.

'Everywhere in the building there was evidence; 'traces' and

'shadows' which illustrated the buildings former life as a church. 

Light was a important factor within the space, a quiet and

contemplative atmosphere was created by high windows

which allowed for a diffused light to descended  into the space,

this was absorbed by dark timber balconies and

the regular wooden panelling around the walls. 

A series of 19 'halos' were made using a range of materials and inventive processes which varied in weight ( both visually and physically) echoed the qualities of the materials and surfaces which existed within the space. Pieces hovered on surfaces, others integrated into the fabric of the building, faintly emerging as drawings on the walls.  Ash was used to create barely visible drawings on the walls  integrating the work into the fabric of the building. Rings of delicate petals provided a flash of colour, whilst more solid and heavy salvaged Iron nails and steel tacks echoed the qualities of the materials in the space and referenced the timber structures in the building. Plated steel washers and large expanses of gold and silver held and reflected light back into the main volume of the church.

The pieces were exhibited alongside work by glass artist Keiko Mukaide. 

An education programme as part of the commission included work with local schools and focussed on the subject of site specific art work These involved working with a range of materials including; light, water, foils, sand and stones, drawing attention to aspects of the building and its qualities. Other projects included a tour and discussion of publically sited artworks in and around central Brighton with young adults and an open public tour and talk of the project and the work in the exhibition.


Lazercut, welded, braised, gilded and coloured steel, iron nails, washers, wire, wood, gold, silver, ash. 

Approximate dimensions: Dia. < 60cm. Depth. < 3cm..

Education Workshops

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