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Crafts Study Centre Commissions and Outreach Projects


Crafts Study Centre Commissions - Entrance Foyer Details: Peg rails and Donations Box. 

Education and outreach projects and workshops.

Crafts Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham. Surrey. UK. 2004

The Crafts Study Centre is a building situated on the campus of The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey. The building was specially designed to house a craft collection and research centre of national importance. As part of the new build artist and craftspeople were selected to design and make practical objects and details for the building which would also become additions to the craft collection. In 2004 Steven was asked to design and make a donations box and storage for coats and umbrella’s. The design draws from the language used in the deeds of the CSC and from terms used to describe craft. Whilst both designs visually refer to the domestic, the history of craft and of making, they were designed and made with a ‘hands-off’, digital and manufacturing emphasis. Digital photographs and design drawings were emailed to contractors who made the designs using industrial processes including laser cutting, press-forming and photo-etching. 


In 2008 Steven was commissioned to design and make an additional peg-rail to function as a display system for the Crafts Study Centre’s shop area.


Peg Rail: Laser cut and pressed stainless steel, Ash. L125cm, H.8cm, D.9cm.

Donations Box: Laser cut and photo-etched stainless steel. H.48cm, W.27cm, D.30cm.

Crafts Study Centre :

Crafts Study Centre Commissions - Donations Box_edited.jpg

Crafts Study Centre Education and Outreach

Working with artist-blacksmith Oliver Russell, the commissions included educational workshops engaging pupils from Hale school and Farnham VIth College with both the historic collections and the new designs. Art work produced by the students was used in the posters and publicity announcing the opening of the centre.

Reviews & Articles

The opening of the Centre was recorded in Creative Network Magazine. May 2004.

Creat netwk mag 2004.jpg
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